Instructions for writing a paper


General instructions

Type the text of the paper in WORD program, in Latin, with double spacing, using only Times New Roman font of size 12 (12Pt). After every punctuation mark, leave just one blank space. If special signs (symbols) are used in the text, use Symbol font. Send the papers only in Serbian, except for the paper abstract which should be in English.

Send the papers by e-mail address (email:

The paper has to contain:

  1. Front page 

State the following on the front page:

  • Paper title
  • Full names and surnames of the authors ( without titles )
  • Official name of the institution and town where authors work in the order respective to the indexed numbers of the authors
  • If the paper has been presented at some scientific meeting, name the meeting, as well as when and where it was held.
  • At the bottom of the page, state the name and surname, contact address and e-mail address of one of the authors for the sake of correspondance
  • Abstract

Abstract, should be on a separate sheet of paper in English, up to 500 words, in case reports up to 200 words, with 2-6 key words stated at the end. Abstract should contain: introduction, purpose of the paper, working method, results and the conclusion


Text of the original paper must contain: introduction, puropse of the paper, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion and literature.

Patient's report : introduction, patients'report, discussion, literature. Names of patients, initials or numbers of case reports should not be used

For medication names use just generic names.

  1. Literature

Type used literature on a separate sheet of paper after the text. References should be numbered by ordinal Arabic numbers according to their appearance in the text. Number of references should not exceed over 30.

Legends for pictures, graphs and tables

Send legends for pictures on a separate sheet, at the end of the paper after literature.

Send graphs on a separate sheet, ordinal number and title should be written above the graph

Send tabels on a separate sheet, ordinal number and title should be written above the table.

Manuscript opus: The entire manuscript for original paper must have 5000 words, that is 2000 words for patient's report

Covering letter: It is obligatory to send with the paper a covering letter which should contain:

A statement that the paper has not been published before and that it has not been submitted for publishing in another magazine

A statement that the manuscript has been read and approved by all co-authors

Sending of the paper: Paper manuscript and all the supplements should be sent by email :
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